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On the Road Again

Posted by on December 19, 2011

Houston area this time.  We bit off the big one yesterday – Harris County.  Driving to downtown Houston wasn’t really on our radar screen as something fun and looking forward to.  But, we did need to get the courthouse.  It was kind of a cool and dreary day – but you can’t always choose your weather.  And we’ll take this over the 105 we had all summer.

In the end, it really was kind of easy to get to.  It was at the north end of downtown, so we didn’t have far to drive and there was plenty of street parking.  The set up for Harris County is kind of neat.  All of the buildings are set up around a nice looking plaza/square.  I got pictures of all the public buildings, since I’m not sure which one would be exactly called the courthouse.  Probably a white birthday cake looking building, but it doesn’t matter.  We were really after the 1910 courthouse that now serves as the First and Fourth Court of Appeals for the State of Texas.  The building has been restored and is one of the beaux art gems that I’m quickly making my favorite style.

The building has wonderful emblems and symbols around the building – with some eagles on the dome and in some of the pediments, along with some faces.  Very nice.  Inside it has the almost mandatory beaux arts rotunda with exquisite stained glass dome.  You have to see the pictures to try to get a feel for its glory.  The courthouse has two restored courtrooms, which aren’t dazzling, but give a period aire of grace and style.

I’ll be back sometime soon with other news of additions.  As always, the pictures will be added once we return home.

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