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Big Trip Planned

Posted by on December 5, 2012

It’s been awhile – but I have added some new counties – Brazos, Burleson and Madison.  I’ve also posted some photos of Madisonville.  They were photographed on a recent trip to Houston.  To be honest – not too exciting.  The Burleson Courthouse did have some interesting detail inside – but the other two were fairly devoid of anything that would call out to you to visit.

Big News – I’ve added an interactive map showing the counties that have been photographed,  the ones that have been posted and the ones that will soon be visitied.  Go to Texas Map to see the results..  This has been a long time in coming and many hours of frustration.  And while it’s not the prettiest of maps – it is functional.  But only if you use Internet Explorer.  For some reason – it’s not working with Firefox Mozilla.  Someday I’ll try to figure out why.

And as mentioned in the post title – we’ll soon be taking a big trip to East Texas.  I’m excited about this trip because there are so many counties in a fairly close area (unlike West Texas or the Panhandle).  We should be able to work in up to 17 county courthouses – weather permitting.  Check back soon as I hope to be blogging on the road.

2 Responses to Big Trip Planned

  1. Wayne Wendel

    Tom, I visited the Madisonville courthouse last year and found it so boring that I didn’t even go inside. It was just a stop before going to Centerville, Leon County where the residents were still using the courthouse square for fund raising, school promotion. I enjoy reading your blog and it’s given me ideas as I visit these counties. Traveling across Texas, WW

    • Tom

      thanks for the kind words. The Leon County Courthouse is one of those courthouses that reflect solid rather than grandeur. It’s a small courthouse in a small county – and is still the center of life in the county. No disagreement on Madison County – with few exceptions, courthouses from the mid-50’s up through the 40’s lacked character.

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