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The Updates Continue…

Posted by on January 6, 2013

I’ve added a few more updates to my website – so hope you’ll stop in and enjoy.  First, I created a page for Sacred Heart Church in Palestine.  Very historic church with a beautiful interior.

Second – I’ve set up a page to provide information on the architectual styles and the some of the more prominent architects in Texas County Courthouse design.  Click here to jump to that page.  The information provided here comes from other sites and sources.

Third – I wanted to emphasize the Texas Map page that I’ve now provided.  This is a new means to get to the individual county pages.  Just go to the Texas Map page, the map will pop up and you can see what counties have been uploaded by me.  All you have to do to go to one of those county pages is click on the county in blue.  If it’s not in blue, I’ve not uploaded it yet (pink) or we’ve not visited it yet (white).  I know the map is big – but you can use your mouse to move the map around.

Fourth – We revisited Harrison County Courthouse in Marshall.  Well worth the visit to the Harrison County Courthouse Revisited page, as we were able to get into the stunning interior this time.

Finally – I have some new counties to upload – and hopefully they’ll be following soon.  Happy New Year!!

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