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May Post

Posted by on May 26, 2013

Well, I’m still trying to figure out how to best coordinate my Facebook with this site – and to be honest, I may be just too old for Facebook – but I’ll keep trying.  I posted to FB yesterday with links to my new site pages, and then was told that people don’t do that – that you put the photos on FB’s Photo Album page.  So, will I then be up keeping two photo sets?  Who knows – like I said, I’ll keep trying.

Meanwhile – my May update.  Due to a serious illness to one of our family members, and also to the wild success of the Spurs this season – we’ve not been able to leave town for any courthouse junkets.  We should have some time this summer – though we already have a lot of non-courthouse travel planned.  We’ll see.  And once the Texas summer sets in, it makes traveling less enjoyable.

So – no new courthouses to post.  We did, however, take a short trip to Blanco for my birthday and a dinner at Onion Creek Kitchens @ Juniper Hills.  The recent rains have given some flow to the Blanco River (that’s not been true for some time now) and the flowers were in full bloom.  Take a look at the photos from the Blanco trip and my Birthday @ Onion Creek here.

Also, we accidentally came across a wonderful classic car show in the Blanco State Park while we were there.  I’ve posted all my photos from that show here – so enjoy.

Classic Auto Show
My Birthday and Blanco in May

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