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Central Texas

Posted by on June 28, 2014


What a great little trip this was.  We got to take the travel trailer (it’s been quite awhile), Sophie got to go (she hates getting left behind), and we visited 9 really outstanding courthouses.  You really could do a lot worse than this set of courthouses if you wanted to see the best.  Really a stunning and magnificently restored group of Texas County Courthouses.

First day was Bosque, Hood and Erath counties.  Bosque was the surprise in that all the photos I had seen showed it as a remodeled monstrosity.  Well it has been restored and returned to its’ glory.

Second Day, after waiting for the rain to subside,  was Hill, Ennis and Navarro counties.  The first 2 are gems sitting in well-visited towns.  The third is an intriguing Beaux Arts style, but badly needing restoration.  It looked like that may be happening now, but I saw no signs to that effect.

The third day, again after a little rain delay, included Coryell, Bell and McLennan counties.  All 3 were spectacular from outside.  Inside – Coryell is in desperate need of restoration, and probably additional space.  Bell’s been completely restored, and McLennan had some restoration in the 1980’s.

Visit these pages and revel in the glory that is Texas Courthouses.  This page is being posted first.  The county pages and photos will be added over the next few days.

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