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mid-July update

Posted by on July 11, 2014

The whole basketball world is waiting to see what LeBron James decides this time (while San Antonio continues to bask in the glory of team basketball), there have been some updates to the website and some new counties soon to be added.  Well, I don’t know about soon, but they are coming!

Anywhow, the 9 Central County Courthouses have now been updated (Bell, Hill, Erath, Ellis, McLennan, Coryell, Bosque, Navarro and Hood).  Quite an interesting collection, indeed.  In addition, there were the town square pictures taken in Stephenville, Meridian, Granbury, Waxahachie,  and Hillsboro.  I’ve also included historic jails from Bell, Coryell, Hill, and Hood.

As to the counties I hope to add soon – there’s a little disappointment to report on that.  I had hopes that we could somehow do the 6 deep East Texas counties we’ve missed so far on a trip to Shreveport recently (Margaritaville).  Well, it just didn’t work out.  We did get to photograph Hardin, Newton and Jaspar Counties.  We had a great chat with the former Sheriff of Hardin County – Mr. Paine had once been the youngest sheriff in Texas.  And the Newton and Jaspar County courthouses were both old and well taken care of.  We hope to make a trip someday  to capture the other 3 counties, and revisit Nacogdoches, Angelina and Rusk counties – since Clem never had a chance to photograph that group.  Be on the lookout for the new 3 courthouses to added soon.

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