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Texas County Courthouses – Together

Posted by on May 15, 2011

This is a Texas County Courthouse site with a twist – I will be blogging as I update courthouse pages and as we travel to capture new courthouse photos. So feel free to jump in and add comments about the courthouses, about the photos, or about the shared travels.


My name is Tom and this is my first attempt at a blog. I’ve chosen a Texas theme so that I can do three things at once: Travel the entire state of Texas; share my experience; and document the tremendous variety & grandeur that make the collection of Texas County Courthouses. I will be sharing photos, my impressions of each courthouse and any other sights or happenings as we travel. We’ve already visited over 90 of the courthouses – and I will be adding these – a few each week. For each courthouse, I will be providing you the courthouse information including when it was built; who the architect was, the style, and my impressions. I will also be adding extras where encountered – like extant courthouses or old jail houses. So join Clem and me as we travel this great state we call home – Texas.

How to view photographs:  Most of the pages were made with NextGen.  They automatically load a slideshow.  You can also click on the top of the slide show where it says “Show Picture List”.  If you do this, you get a display of the thumbs of the photos – and you can click on any single picture and get an enlargement.  You can also, at this point, decide to click on “View with PicLens”.  If you do this – you get a full screen slide show that you move forward and backward yourself.  Three different ways to enjoy the thousands of Texas photos.

Wander around – there’s more to this site than courthouses(see Other).  But if it courthouses you’re after (and why else would you be here?) – then go to the courthouse collection. Think you need some instructions on how to navigate this site?  Then click here for some guidance.

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  1. Charity Fox

    Ok, so now it works:-) Great website!!!

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