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Texas Maps

I’ve struggled with a map presentation for the courthouses for years. I’ve used the one map that gives us the county names on the map. And really, it is good enough – but it’s been difficult to maintain, especially since IMap no longer supports it. Still – I’ve been able to maintain it. Next – I tried a new on-line IMap service and came up with a colorful map, but the county names only are shown as you move your cursor over the map. It also keeps the IMap watermark. Not a big problem, but hard to miss as well. Then I moved on to the same map – without all the color. It’s gray and very simple looking – but no logo this time. Finally, I began getting my feet on the ground with IMap. I found an actual road map of Texas with the counties superimposed. I like this map because of the roads aspect and you can can zoom in – zoom out. That’s the map I’m presenting here.
Go HERE for Map with county names
Go HERE for simple gray map
Go Here for color map

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