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How To use This Website

This site is fairly intensive in its’ use of photographs and other media,  so if you don’t have broadband or dsl, you might not get as much out of the site as others.  Just letting you know.  One of the things I wanted to be able to do was to post pictures – and make them available in a quality manner.

I’ve listed alphabetical groups.  Go can page through the index or you can go directly to the letter range of a county you’re looking for.  If I’ve uploaded that county, you’ll see a thumb of the county.  If I’ve not uploaded that county yet – you’ll only see the county name listed – holding that spot for when I can complete that particular county.  It takes a lot of work to upload each county – so it’ll take some while before I can even get the 100 or so counties we’ve already visited uploaded.  And then, it’ll be at least a few years before we complete photographing all 254 counties.

I’ve used NextGen for my photo presentations.  This is pretty intensive use of memory – so if you don’t have broadband, it may be difficult to enjoy.  Learn to use the ‘Show List’ above each photo slideshow.  That gives you thumbs so that you can enlarge individual pictures.  It also allows you to go intoPicLens – which is another great way to enjoy the photos – except you drive the slideshow and the pictures are much larger.  I think you’ll enjoy NextGen as much as I do.

The site is also a blog – so look  for recent postings and maybe some comments from other viewers.  Maybe you want to add your own – feel free.

Of course – your can find a lot of other ‘stuff’ on the website as well.

– YouTube clips highlighting some of the Texas County Courthoses

– Retired Courthouses

– Retired jails

– Town squares, churches and other interesting sites we encountered along our travels.

– Other Links I think you might find interesting

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