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Historic Bowie County Jail

see Bowie County Courthouse

Well, this pile of bricks is impressive as an abandoned county jail. It sits on what was once the square that housed both the jail and the county courthouse in what was once known as Boston – or Old Boston. Old Boston is now the south part of New Boston, the current Bowie county seat. The courthouse burned – and I’m sure, but for the struggles on the part of preservationist, the jail would have been torn down. Right now it sits as a reminder of the county’s earlier days.

The real story here was trying to find the courthouse. We tried following our GPS, between us the GPS – we were confused. Finally, ready to give up the search, I stopped a couple coming out of the weekend market. The lady was every helpful – and told me that she had worked at the old courthouse before it burned – and has worked at the new courthouse since it opened in 1986. It pays to be humble and ask the locals.

2 Responses to Historic Bowie County Jail

  1. tiffany haggard

    My husband says that the place is haunted. He has said several times when he was a teenager walking the streets of new boston at night time he would pass by there and hear strange noises and see apperitions of people in the windows.

    • Tom

      People would have to visit the site to understand. But it is hard to find.

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