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Harrison Revisited

go to Harrison County Courthouse (for our photos from the initial visit)

Well, this really wasn’t on my list.  We had visited some years ago and got external pictures of this stunning courthouse.  Since that initial visit, it has been renovated and reopened – so certainly worth the time.  It did not disappoint.  The tiled floors, the wrought iron, the stained glass in the dome and open foyer up to the dome – along with some beautiful scrolled wood work that held the fall lamps – brought all of the magic of the golden courthouse era back to life. And if that weren’t enough – the courthouse was breathtaking. The detail, the colors, the designs (terra cotta?) – all led to making this the jewel of the Harrison County Courthouse.

I get asked – what are you’re favorite courthouses – and I answer that I probably won’t know that until we’ve visited all 254. But I will tell you, this is certain to make the list. If you’re ever in East Texas – make sure Marshall is on your must-see list.

2 Responses to Harrison Revisited

  1. Wayne Wendel

    Tom, you’re right. I have only seen the exterior of the Harrison Co courthouse and just looked at your interior photos. One word, stunning. It’s a shame they don’t use for trial. Mr. Gordon would be proud of the restoration of his best courthouse.

    • Tom

      thanks for dropping by. We’ll soon be visiting some beauties in Central Texas (Waco, Hillsboro, Belton, etc.) – but Harrison county embodies much of what Texas County Courthouses are about.

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