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Wilson County Courthouse

see Floresville
see Historic Wilson County Jail
Wilson County Courthouse Restored

county seat – Floresville
Built – 1884
Architect – Alfred Giles
Style – Italianate
Photos taken – 11/7/04

Floresville sits a little southeast of San Antonio.  In fact, Wilson County has grown significantly due to its proximity to the Alamo city.  Peanut was or is king – as far as cash crops are concerned – thus the peanut statue on the courthouse lawn.  They have an annual Peanut Festival to celebrate the importance of this crop.

This courthouse is old and a little unusual in style in that there are not that many Italianate courthouses left.  The porch in the front is a obvious detail – but it is the beauty statue of the Lady of Justice sitting above the porch that makes this courthouse stand out.  Also – the tower is light and aerie – a little more elegant rather than the Romanesque power that you find in other courthouses of the time.Again – as in so many cases of our early courthouse visits – we went when it was closed and so no interior shots – no court room shots.  You’ve go to remember – we were working at the time – so weekends were easier.

I’ve heard – though I’ve not verified it – but that the courthouse was closed as being unsafe.  I have to assume, if true, the courthouse will eventually be rehabilitated and returned to its’ original purpose.

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  1. Madelein


    I’d love to use one of your photos in the Texas Historical Commision’s Texas Trails Guide.

    Please email me ASAP.

    Madeleine McCaleb

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