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Tarrant County Courthouse – Interior

Clem and I are volunteers with the National Parks Trails & Rails program.  A few times each summer we ride the Amtrack train between San Antonio and Fort Worth a few times providing information and games for the passengers.  We stay overnight in Fort Worth.  On the most recent trip, I decided to revisit the Tarrant County Courthouse.  I walked from the hotel up to the courthouse and noticed the unique nature of downtown Fort Worth – and so I took a whole series of Fort Worth cityscapes as well St. Patrick’s Catherdral.

We actually took photos of this magnificent courthouse some years ago.  It was closed at the time and so we couldn’t take any interior photos.  As we’ve found over the years – often times the interior can be more awesome than the exterior.  The truth with Tarrant County is that both exterior and interior are awesome.  Of special note inside were the dome, the oval shape of view up the tower, the beautiful marble floors and the iron work on the stairwells.

Note – also, the hole in the one building.  this is an addition to the courthouse that has faux art, as well as other interesting features.  Not sure what they’re doing here – they could be remodeling – or they could be tearing it down.  If  it’s the latter, that’s kind of shame, as the building was very well thought out – for being modern and being attached to the 19th century gem of a courthouse.

2 Responses to Tarrant County Courthouse – Interior

  1. Wayne Wendel

    Tom, I made a trip up to Ft.Worth and other north TX counties earlier this year. When I go inside a courthouse I usually go straight to a law enforcement officer, baliff, etc tell them what I am doing and ask them is there anything particularly interesting about the interior. I’m glad I did at the Tarrant County courthouse. One of the sheriff’s deputies showed me the second floor iron staircase that a workman had embedded his trowel into the design of the metal work. Also, in Shelby County, in Center, TX the courthouse caretaker, Mr.Jones showed me the 1885 silver dollar embedded into the 1st floor intersection of the two hallways stating that the founders of the count built the courthouse on the exact geographical center of the county.

    • Tom

      Wayne – thanks for looking in. I PROMISE 2014 is going to bring lots of additional county photos. I will take your comments to heart. We have, on occasion, talked with some of the officers working in the courthouse with mixed results – usually we get great responses. Of course, some courthouses are on such a high alert – it’s difficult for any of the officers to be anything but distrustful (that only a very few situations). We have also found the county clerk’s office to be helpful. And on a couple of occasions we’ve even had assistance from the County Judge! Keep checking in and giving us any useful tips you come across in visiting Texas courthouses.

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