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Alabama Trip – 2013.

We had a great vacation in Northwestern Alabama early this summer.  The occasion was the W. C. Handy Jazz & Blues Festival in the Florence area.  We visited family – Clem’s niece and her family – and my brother and his family.  We also visited some interesting places – The Rosenbaum House (Frank Lloyd Wright), the Coon Dog Cemetery, the Tuscumbia Train Depot Museumthe Colbert County Courthouse, and the Belle Monte Home/plantation.  Since we’ve not really been able to get to Texas Courthouses this year – I’ve decided to post photos from this trip – and a later trip to Michigan.  I know that’s not what this website is about – but at least it keeps my fingers ‘in the pie’ when it comes to maintaining the site.


Frank Lloyd Wright House
Florence, Alabama


Colbert Co. Courthouse Tuscumbia, Ala

Colbert Co. Courthouse
Tuscumbia, Ala

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