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Anderson County Poor Farm & Jail

An interesting building – this was once part of the Anderson County Poor Farm.  I was under the impression that this was once the county jail – but searching the web (and reading the historical marker) put that belief to bed.  Evidently, when the poor farm was a function part of the county, jail inmates would often be sent out to the poor farm to work.  While they were there – this building was used to house them.  It certainly had all the apparatus of an old frontier-type county jail – with the locks and the heavy doors and the metal beds.  Notice, also, the opening in the ceilings for ventilation.  Still, considering the tin roof and the Texas summertime heat – I doubt these cells were too comfortable during summer nor winter.

Another part of the story is the poor farm.  This building’s about all that’s left of it.  There are some other structures, but most are now gone.  This site is quite a distance from town.  Legend has it that, though the residents would be brought out here, when they were free to leave – they had to walk back on there on.

One Response to Anderson County Poor Farm & Jail

  1. Kristi

    That is the jail. The only thing left of the poor farm

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