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Ponta Delgada, the Azores

return to Spain

The Azores here a very pleasant surprise.  Could have easily spend 2 – 3 days on Sao Miguel Island.  They are volcanic, so there is some dramatic scenery.  Also note, the buildings are basically black and white – using the DSCN0558black from the volcanic rock.  Makes sense.  You will see some pics of myself, Rita, Susie and Kelly looking windswept – it was indeed windy!  Certainly, one of the highlights of our trip was the Dinner we had at Tony’s in Furnas.  The traditional meals served here are cooked using the hot steam from the geo-thermal activity in the area.  The pots are buried early in the morning and then dug up and served later in the day.

see Sao Miguel Island, The Azores

My YouTube clips –
 Ponta Delgada – We had been on the seas for 7 days – so the sight of land was exciting.  This clip shows Ponta Delgada from our ship.  Be warned – it was VERY windy.
Dinner being unburied  – Our dinner (to be eaten later @ Tony’s in Furnas) is unburied next to Furnas Lake.  Be warned – it was VERY windy on our visit to Sao Miguel – and you will hear the wind.
Hot Springs – Furnas is located in an area of geothermal activity – like Yellowstone.  I drank from the springs – YUCK!
Hot Springs 2 – Another clip of the hot springs of Furnas
a href=””>Drive on Sao Miguel – Missed a stop sign, drove through a town and saw pilgrims waiting to enter a church.
Pilgrims waiting to enter church – the Azores has a special Holy season pilgrimage.  Sorry I don’t know the details – but they take it seriously.
Mass in the church – Most of the churches on the island were closed.  So I took this opportunity to get a clip of the interior of this church after the pilgrims entered.






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