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Return to Spain

Of course – its on the Mediterrean, so this is another very old city.  One we found very walkable and interesting.  The Romans footprints are all over this city.  They have ruins of a large Forum, but we skipped that and went to Roman ruins underground.  They also have ruins of a large Roman ampitheater – but we didn’t have time to work that in.

Walking around the city you do notice it seems a little down in the mouth, but you also see lots of new construction going on.  What was really interesting about the housing construction here was the great pains being taken to preserve the facades of the historic buildings.  The city hall building is a beauty – see if you pick that out in the slideshow.

You also become aware of the terrible Spanish Civil War when cruising into the harbor and in walking around this city.mmThere are many defense fortifications all around the harbor.  However, they never really came to play as the Franco troops merely bombed the city into submission.  This cost this city its former cathedral – where even now, there are only ruins to visit.

Note – notice the word “view” under Cartagena.  This selection makes a very nice slide show! Click on the link below.


My YouTube – City Hall

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