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Antonio Gaudi

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Antonio Gaudi is certainly one of the most renowned architects, not only in Spain, but in the world.  He lead a movement of architecture called Modernista.  Barcelona abounds with not only examples of Modernista, but specifically with works by Gaudi.  The greatest of all his works is still not finished – La Sagrada Familia.  We were fortunate to be able to stay in a wonderful apartment (Guadi’s Nest), with a spectacular view of the main facade of this amazing creation.  Hope you enjoy these little clips of our Gaudi experience.  see the Wikedpedia for more information on Gaudi

DSCN8955 - Copy

Park Guell – This is, to many, the highlight of any Gaudi tour.  It was never finished.  In fact, it never really got much off the ground.  The concept was a housing development for the rich.  It would be park-like, have a central market and plenty of common spaces.  Well, what did get done is marvelous.  Lots of broken ceramic tile (Modernista trade mark), gardens and just some wonderful and whimsical things to enjoy.


DSCN8839 La Pedrera (Casa Mila) – La Pedrera (the rock) is one of 2 Gaudi apartments open to the public.  This is probably the more known and more visited – though Casa Batlo has plenty of attributes itself.  In both buildings, the roof is the point of artistic focus.  Look at the slideshow and you’ll know what I mean.  One of the problems I had with Pedrera was the fact that it’s covered as part of a restoration program.  One of the more interesting parts of this tour was the museum located in the attic.  The attic very boldly displayed the genius of the Modernista movement.  I had read somewhere that Gaudi used the concept of a whale rib cage – and you could see that rib cage in this attic.

My YouTube clips:  The Roof; Views from the Roof; Views from the Roof 2

DSCN0524 Casa Batlo – wonderful facade and a great modernista apartment with great design and ingenuity.  This had a great outside area, again, the use of broken creamic tile, and the signature roof designs and eccentrics.  No straight lines, no ordinary design.

My YouTube clips:  Facade; Interior



DSCN9327 - Copy

La Sagrada Familia – Gaudi’s unfinished masterpieces.  We were really fortunate to have booked in an apartment called Gaudi’s Nest.  Our windows all looked out on a wonderful park across to the main entrance to La Sagrada.  This church should be on everyone’s list to see before you die.  It’s not to everyone’s taste, but it is to every one’s amazement.  There are no straight lines.  And nature is used as the design inspiration throughout.  The church is said to be schedule for completion in 2040.  Book that year now!

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