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Monserrat & Stiges

return to Spain

What a trip of contrasts.  On our last day in Barcelona – we took a trip to Monserrat & Stiges arranged by our hosts at Gaudi’s Nest.  We actually had joined a group of ladies staying at Gaudi’s Nest who had already arranged the trip.  But more about that later.  Monserrat is the spitual heart of Catalonia located in the mountains an hour or so outside of Barcelona.  It was destroyed durind the Spanish civil war, but has been marvelously rebuilt and restored.  It is revered as the home to the black Madonna.  If you’re able to see the clips below, you’ll see the pilgrims viewing ang kissing the Madonna (with their hands).  It is also home to the renown Monserrat Boys Choir – the oldest in Europe.

Passing through fields of vineyards – we then made our way to Stiges.  The weather turned south and it was cold and overcast – and we were heading toward the beach!  It really was quite ugly.  The ladies were quite upset.  They informed us that they hadn’t wanted to come to Stiges in the first place, but that was arranged for us – they had wanted to go to a winery.  Phone calls, complaints, etc – but in the end – what else could we do.  So we started walking around this Mediterrean mecca.  The weather didn’t help – and it was the wrong time of year.  Yet, the town was interesting.  I started notice a lot of signs of gay life, before remembering something in the back of my head about Stiges.  We eventually found the ladies again – in a bar drinking sangria and eating tapas.  We joined them and had a wonderful time.  We all agreed that this was really a good choice after all.  Now, when I hear sangria – I think of Stiges.


My YouTube clips from Monserrat (I did not have a good seat):  Plaza; Interior; Visiting Choir; Boys Choir;  interior with Boys Choir


Stiges – Gay Capital of Europe – I’m sure half the world knows about Stiges – but I’m in the other half.  Nice seaside community – with lots of clubs for the GLBT group.  We spent much of our time here in a local bar/Tapas joint drinking sangria and eating wonderful tapas.

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