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Emilie’s Quilt Haus – Stonewall, Texas

If you don’t want to read this – you can jump right to the slideshow.

Thanks to my wonderful friend, Rita, I had a chance to spend a few days in the Texas Hill Country on a quilting retreat.  Also on the retreat, besides Rita and myself, were Brenda, Loretta and Frances.  Rita worked on her bubble gum blooms quilt.  I worked on an ancient block of the month quilt – Folk Art.  Loretta created a stunning art piece of a woman’s head shaped as Africa.  Frances had a ‘crazy’ quilt going for one of her children.  And Brenda worked on a commission quilt and a dark flowers quilt – but mostly she worked on rescuing the rest of us with one solution or another.

Emilie’s Quilt Haus is located outside Stonewall, Texas, very near the LBJ Ranch.  The views are stunning.  The flaura and fauna are worth the trip alone.  We could at our macines and see vistas, butterflies and hummingbirds.  The quilt haus is all set up to get started on whatever sewing project you might have brought.  The bedrooms are all well appointed – with quilts on each of the beds.  The bathrooms are all large and well set up.  Dinners are served in the main house, and are prepared by the hosts,

The hosts are Kay and Jack.  Jack is the groundskeeper and horticulturist.  Kay keeps up the quilting end of the business.  They both cook and ensure each retreat group has everything they need.  One of the more interesting points of interest is the log cabin and well located on the property.  The cabin was once the home of Kay’s great-grandparents, and her grandmother – Emilie, was actually born in the cabin.  

The slideshow was made entirely with photos taken on my new Amazon Fire phone.  My, camera phones have come a long way!  Click here for the slideshow.

One Response to Emilie’s Quilt Haus – Stonewall, Texas

  1. Brenda

    “A very good time was had by all!”
    This long awaited retreat (Thank You, Rita) was a few months in the planning and all were excited to finally attend. What an enjoyable experience with a great group of old/new friends. We do hope that Kelly will be able to join us next year, same time, same place. Super comfortable accommodations, comradery unequaled, and even learning experiences for each of us. What can I say about the food prepared and served so beautifully for us by our hosts? Mere words are not enough, one would need to hear the oohs, aahs, and kudos to our hosts, and observe the satisfied smiles. Plus we could excuse ourselves from the table, and wash nary a dish or utensil! Thank you Kay and Jack, and an extra note of appreciation from Frances and me for Jack’s Taxi Service!
    So a special Thank You to you, Tom, for not only capturing our first, and hopefully annual, event in memorable pictures, but also the extraordinary views of our surroundings at Emilie’s Quilt Haus. Loretta and I re-lived many of the fun and sometimes “trying” experiences (how many times can I attach binding to your beautiful quilt?) during the return home drive. But we happily survived and are sooo looking forward to repeating the adventure!

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