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Colorado County Courthouse – Restored

Go here for CH before Restoration and here for interior before Restoration

Go here for the Lightroom Slideshow

I had a chance to stop at the Colorado CH, so I took it.  I knew that it had been renovated.  I thought that was strange since it had seemed so authenic from our first visit.  But honestly – it was the courtroom and the stunning stained glass ceiling that I most remembered.  so I wasn’t sure what I would be seeing.

Well – the dome was redone to its’ copper days.  Originally, it was silver, then copper.  The stucco was removed from the exterior – leaving it a golden brick.  The painting was all updated.  Inside – carpet was removed and the original wooden floors were restored.  Colors were brought back into the original scheme.

I wasn’t able to get into the courtroom – it was locked.  Honestly – why would you take so much pride in your courthouse – and then lock up its crowing jewel.  Oh well, I’ve been in before and they did have a window open up on the third floor.  Really seem to have changed much – it was still a wonderful courtroom with a stunning stained-glass ceiling.

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