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Concho County


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County Seat – Paint Rock
Built – 1883
Architect – F. E. & Oscar Ruffini
Style – Second Empire
Photos Taken – 11/10/15

This county is all about cotton.  Maybe a little oil, but nothing like west of San Angelo.  Paint Rock is very small, with little in the way of businesses.  But there is cooton everywhere in Concho County.  The courthouse is a wonderful period piece – and a pretty complete example of the Ruffini brothers, who designed so many 1800’s courthouses, especially in central and west Texas. Perhaps the most impressive point of this courthouse is the original pressed tin ceilings in the firstfloor hall.  In addition, the county has done little maintenance to the exterior – resulting in a very authentic view of Ruffini’s work.

The one disappointment was the courtroom.  Here, the county has tried to maintain and update.  The result is kind of a souless 1800’s courtroom with carpeting and lowered ceilings.  Maybe, someday, the county will participate in the Texas Courthouse profram, if it has’t already done so.  Still, very much worth a visit.

2 Responses to Concho County

  1. Jeff Rector

    I drive through Paint Rock from time to time, and have even driven “around the town,” and indeed, the elegance of this majestic court house stands in stark contrast to the rest of the decaying and sparsely populated town. Wonderful pictures!!

    • Tom

      Yes – Paint Rock itself, isn’t much. They did have a great cooking smell from a foodtruck. The courthouse is difficult to miss if you can find Paint Rock?

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