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Tom Green County

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County Seat – San Angelo
Built – 1928
Style – Classical Revival
Architect – Anton Korn
Photos taken – 11/10/15

Well – what an unexpected disappointment.  Not because this courthouse isn’t one of the state’s beauties (it is), but rather, the fact we were unable to take any interior photos.  First – outside.  What a grand building – very federal in its appearance and scale.  Overall, one of those courthouses that stand out as a representative of its sytle and period.

Inside, I’m sorry to saw, we say very little.  I was so disappointed in not being able to photograph, that we just walked off.  They would not allow cameras – so we would have had to leave the cameras at the desk.  So it was a no go.  Now, for what little we did see from the guards desk – this courthouse looks like it make be one of the queens of the 1920’s.  We’ll just never know.

I have to say, I have some understanding of why they do that (forbade cameras) – but in the end, there are very few courthouses that fall into this category.  And they are public buildings, and I’m sure, in one way or another, they’ve accepted state money in the building – so I feel a little cheated.  This is the 3rd courthouse out of 175 +/- that have banned cameras.  The other two are Starr and Hildago counties in the Rio Grande Valley.

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