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Montague County Courthouse

see – Montague
see – Historic Montague County Jail

County Seat – Montague
Built – 1912
Architect – George Burnett
Style – Classical Revival
Date Photographed – 1/20/16

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Well, there are Classical Revival Courthouses that tend to boring or uninspired, and then there are those that project grandeur and importance.  This courthouse belongs in the latter.  First of all, it’s located in a very small town – and it is very large – so the building dominates.  Secondly, – there are large support columns used over each entrance – so all angles have the same impressive look.  And third, gold highlighting was effectively used outside and in.  All in all, this is an impressive classical revival courthouse.

Realize, also, that originally the courthouse had a domed tower – which would have added even more appeal.  the tower  was removed in 1941.  There is a movement to have the tower restored. Dome Project, P.O. Box 161, Montague, Texas 76251 – but to be honest, it does’t seem to be an active movement.