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Historic Young County Jails

see – Young County Courthouse
see – Graham

Young County has 2 historic jails.  The 1910 jail is a red brick building – located a few blocks off the town square.  We actually found that one by accident, trying to find the other jail.

The 1878 jail is difficult to find, as it doesn’t really look like what you might call a jail – it really looks like a store front.  Also, it sits a little off the square with nothing to indicate it’s sitting there.  According to the Texas historical marker:  “(1878-1921)  This jail was built with two stories in 1878. The jailer lived downstairs, and above were two cells–one with a steel cage for maximum security. There were many dramatic jailbreaks, with lives lost on both sides of the law. In 1881, killer Jack Post, the only man legally hanged in this county, rode from the jail astride his coffin. The five Marlow brothers broke out in 1888, causing a major shootout and manhunt. The property was phased out as a jail in 1921, and saw many changes in use and appearance before being bought by Kelley B. King in 1975.”