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Brooks County Courthouse, Texas

County Seat – Falfurrias

Built – 1914

Style – Classical Revival

Architect – Alfred Giles

Photos taken – June 12, 2011

It’s getting so, that almost each courthouse we visit has its own story for us.  Brooks County was almost an afterthought.  It’s situated between San Antonio and the Valley in big ranch country.  The town is fairly bustling and is currently under construction – that is, Hwy 281 is being rebuilt as you go through town.  This will some day be part of the I-69 corridor which will run from Mexico to Canada (I think ending in Pt. Huron, Michigan).

Anyhow, we passed it up coming down and said we’d get it coming back.  We did.  It was a little hard to find in that the town does not have a square, and the courthouse sits down a few blocks from the main street on Bus. 281.  But what a beauty.  This courthouse was designed by Alfred Giles – who had earlier in his career, created some wonderful 1800’s courthouses.  This courthouse shows his movement into the 1900’s and adaptation to the Classical Revival which was so popular at the time.

Better yet – this courthouse had recently been renovated and it showed.  Wonderful columns and even a iron railed balcony in the back.  Actually, the back faces Bus 281 and we thought it was the front.  But once you get to the other side you know which one is the front.  I took some pictures through the glass doors, but since it was Sunday, we couldn’t get in.  I have a feeling the courtroom was also returned to it’s glory as designed by Mr. Giles.

Don’t miss this if driving to the Valley.

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