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Gillespie County Courthouse

County Seat – Fredricksburg

Built – 1939

Style – Moderne

Architect – Edward Stein

Photos taken – September 23, 2011

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The County seat of Fredricksburg is probably the most well-known and most visited of Texas’ small towns.  It has a very strong German heritage and was settled by Germans in the days of Indians and remoteness.  The town is full of historical buildings, churches and houses (including many so-called Sunday Houses).  The Sunday houses were small homes the surrounding farmers would use on the weekends to visit town and attend church.

The main street area of Fredricksburg is quite alive and full of all kinds of antique, gift and other assorted shops, as well as many eateries.  I did not take pictures of Fredricksberg for the ‘town’ section of this website as that is an entire trip  unto itself.

The courthouse is rather plain, austere, even for the style and time period. There are a few art deco touches in the interior – but emphasis is on few.  There’s really not much to see here – but it is interesting to note that the building was built in 1939 under the WPA during FDR’s presidency.  This building is a strong reminder of one of the great plans to get Americans to work those many years ago.  Obama tried it, but with today’s NOW NOW NOW – getting a plan together like the WPA is near impossible.  If it’s interesting architecture and history you’re after – don’t miss the historic courthouse next door – which is now the public library.

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