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McCulloch County Courthouse

County Seat – Brady

Built – 1899

Style – Romanesque Revival

Architect – Martin & Moodie

photos taken – 10/15/04

see Historic McCulloch County Jail

see Brady Town Square

The Heart of Texas – at least that’s what the stone monument on the courthouse grounds says.  This is definitely Confederate territory.  the County is named after a Confederate General, if that’s any indication.  The courthouse has a very definite feel of strength and power – like the castle it looks like.  The clock tower does not have a clock in it.  I’ve heard this has been restored, so I’ve put it on our ‘would be nice to revisit’ list.

From my travel journal – Next stop was Brady – McCulloch county. We had lunch in a beautifully restored railroad station here. Brady bills itself as the heart of Texas. The courthouse was very Victorian in looks – heavy, massive, very nice tower. Almost Romanesque in the doors and style – maybe with a hint of baronial Scotland in it. I feel that because of the rounded ‘towers’ which guard the doors, along with some of the other architectural ornamentation.

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