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Medina County Courthouse

see Medina County Courthouse – revisited
see Historic Medina County Jail

County Seat – Hondo
Built – 1891
Style – Texas Renaissance? (was originally Italinate – but has been redesigned)
Architect – Martin, Byrnes & Johnson
Photos taken – Novemeber 16, 2008

An interesting building – but probably not near interesting as it was originally designed.  Time and again, throughout the state, you will find buildings that for whatever reasons (growth, style, etc.) have been changed and almost always not to the better.  That does not make this any less than it is, however – which is a Hill county rusticated limestone building.  We revisited in 2013 and found that the courthouse is not being maintained.  Paint is peeling – it just looks a little worn.  Much more interesting is the restored jail next store.

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