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Galveston County

1966 Courthouse                                                              2006 Courthouse
Location – Galveston                                                       Location – Galveston
Built – 1966                                                                        Built – 2006
Style – Modern                                                                  Style – Modern
Architect – Rapp & Koten Associates                          Architect – Bay Architects
Photographed – 12/19/11                                               Photographed – wasn’t, photos taken off the net

Galveston is a very old, very historic port city in Texas.  The Strand has become a very popular tourist attraction these days.  There’s the Moody Gardens.  The turn of the century palaces that still line Broadway.  And various residential neighborhoods that give the city a special feel and place in Texas history.

So the courthouse(s)?  Well, not so historical.  I’m not sure of the story – but I don’t think the 1898 courthouse was blown over in the big 1900 hurricane.  But it was replaced by the 1966 glass and steel structure that now serves as the courthouse.  Actually, the 1966 building has, in a way, been replaced itself in a way.  The county court (administrative) still sits here – which technically makes it the Galveston County Courthouse.  But the courts (civil and criminal) have moved into new digs.  We didn’t know it at the time of our visit – so we missed photographing it – so I purloined a couple of pics off the net.

While not very impressed with the 1966 building, it does sit on  richly planted and well laid our grounds.  It does a good job reminding us that this is a tropical island and everything that brings with it.

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