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Historic Harris County

Location – Harris
Built -1910
Architect – Barglebaugh (Lang, Winchell & Barglebaugh)
Style -Beaux-Arts
Photographed – 12/16/11

see interior of Historic Harris County Courthouse

go to Harris County Courthouse

What a marvelous old courthouse.  The more courthouses I visit, the more I seem to favor the beaux arts style.  The classic touches, with the terra cotta decoration, the rotundas, the usual domes (often stain glass) – all make for an impressive style for such important buildings.  I specifically chose not to display this building as the Harris County Courthouse as, since restoration, it is now used by two Texas State Court of Appeals.  Maybe that’s picky – but the building is or isn’t part of the county system (judicial & admin).  In this case it serves the state.  Go to the Harris County Courthouse page to see the current collage of buildings now used by Harris County.  They have style and are well-situated downtown around a grass planted plaza.

Also – do not miss the page on this courthouse’s interior.  We had so many wonderful pictures, and I just couldn’t reduce them enough for one slideshow (I try to max out at 20 – 25 pictures per slideshow).  So I divided the collection into exterior (this page) and the interior.  The interior is a riot of marble, tile and glass.

The architect is the same designer for Johnson and Cooke County Courthouses, among others.  We’ve visited both and they rank among my favorites.  The interiors of all three buildings are awe-inspiring.

Below is the handout provided to visitors of the historical Harris County Courthouse:

Self Guide to Harris County Courthouse - pg1

Self-guide to Harris County Courthouse pg2

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