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Harris County

Location – Houston
Built, Styles, Architects – various
Photos taken – 12/16/11

go to Historic Harris County Courthouse

I’ve decided to display the modern Harris County Courthouses here – starting with the 1951 glass and marble ediface included.  I would really consider the 1910 as the courthouse, but as far as I can tell it is no longer used by the county – at least not for county courts and administrative courts.  So, for real beauty, visit the historic courthouse – and don’t forget to go into the page with the interior highlights – well worth the time.

As for the modern courthouses – I think Harris county has done a good job in placing and displaying this modern collection as the center of justice and county administration for this very large, urban county.  I really like the central plaza, laid out with grasses, where you will find a small building which looks like it would lead to an underground parking garage.  That’s the jury assemble building.  There are rooms below, and tunnels leading to the various judicial buildings this serve.

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