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Camp County Courthouse

see Pittsburg
See Witness Tower
see First Methodist Church, Pittsburg

County Seat – Pittsburg
Built – 1928
Architect – Smith & Praeger
Style – Texas Renaissance
Date Photographed – 12/7/12

We pulled up – parked and started to get ready for taking the photographs when a gentleman walking by noted us admiring the courthouse. He informed us that it looked better today – as he had completed the lawn maintenance and landscaping yesterday. Indeed – the lawn did look trimmed.

Maybe it’s the style – but this was little interesting inside or out. Outside there was the small porch up front and the county name etched in the freeze. there was nothing in the back – so it had a true main entrance with one side entrance. The side entrance was notable by the fact it had a porch – like the main entrance, but the single door was offset to the left.

Inside – the floors were polished marble – but little to distinguish it from other courthouses. The courtroom was interesting. The bench was an impressive piece of dark wood – and the lamps for the room were interesting as well. When we tried to get into the district courtroom – we found it locked. I asked across the hall if anyone might have the key. A very helpful staff person (could have been the County Clerk – if not, an employee in the Clerk’s office) opened it up for us. She assured us we would not find it interesting. But I disagreed – as mentioned above the woodwork and the lamps were noteworthy. When we asked her about the tower we had seen driving in (Witness Tower) she told us that her husband had laid out that entire tower in brick.

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