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St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Ft. Worth

see Tarrant CH, Tarrant CH Interior, Ft. Worth Cityscapes

Actually – I found this church by accident.  I was walking from my hotel to the Tarrant county courthouse and I saw the building on the corner – might have been the convent at one time – then I noticed the church next to it.  It’s rather small with any type of tall tower or anything  else to help you pick it out unless you happen to be on the street where it’s located.  The interior is nice, however, with the altar being ‘cathedral’ worthy.  Nice little gem in downtown Ft. Worth.

You’ll notice – a few of the altar photos have more depth or more color – we’ve been playing with hdr photography and these are a few of the samples of that type type of photos.

2 Responses to St. Patrick’s Cathedral – Ft. Worth

  1. Michelle Reed

    Thanks for posting these. We are the artists that restored all of the statues and altars to their original colors around 2002. Someone broke into our truck when we came home and stole all of our film with our photos. We researched all of the statues so they would be authentic. Loved this job and Cathedral.

    • Tom

      Do not know how I missed your post – better late…? Thanks for finding the site. Your work is now part of the FW downtown fabric. I for one, consider it a hidden gem in a city of many treasures.

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