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Fort Worth Cityscapes

see Tarrant CH, Tarrant County CH Interior, St. Patrick’s Cathedral

While on a recent visit to Fort Worth (Clem and I go up on the train a few times a summer), I was taken with strong historical sense and yet at the same time the modern city skyline of Fort Worth, I decided to take a walking photo trip through downtown Fort Worth.  These photos were taken on a walk from our hotel to the Tarrant county Courthouse where I wanted to take interior photographs.  One building I came across was St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  There’s another magnificent church downtown – Central or First Christian Church?  I wasn’t able to go in there – so I try to get that on another trip.  Another ‘next trip’ item is a set of beautiful buildings near our hotel.  They are very highly stylized buildings from the early 20th century, I’m assuming.

You’ll notice the skyline here, as well as the Ft. Worth Water Gardens, Sundance Square (beautiful turn of the century storefronts), and lots of buildings with very distinctive architecture and decoration.  Forth Worth has been an important center of history and commerce through the development of Texas.  It was once a center for shipping cattle – and they still celebrate with small cattle drives.  It was during this time that Ft. Worth became known as a ‘wide open’ town.  But it was soon tamed.  It is home to oil barons, magnificent are centers, important manufacturing and of course it’s been a railroad hub.  Hope you enjoy this walk through downtown Ft. Worth.

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