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Milam County Jail – retired

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This fine specimen of  late 1800’s county lockup is Romanesque Revival in style. It was built in 1895.  Like so many other jails of its time, the first floor was mainly the living quarters for the sheriff and his family.  The tower, of course, was set up for hangings.  But, according to the historical plaque, it was never used for that purpose, as hangings were generally held outside in Texas.

I’ve added a few interesting ‘other’ items in this slideshow.  One is a mural of a cow in a period of Cameron history that looks like the 1890’s or early 1900’s.  Their is a log cabin (it’s real) behind the jail and was used by early settlers of the Milam County area.  Then there’s the phone booth behind the jail.  Not sure if this was part of the jail or if it was moved here for historical purposes, as this now serves as the Milam County Historical Museum.  I could envision residents of the jail needing to call to get some help or personal items and using the phone to do so, but that’s just my imagination.

And Finally, the area includes the city Calaboose.  It was built in 1892.


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