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Dallas County Courthouse, Texas


County Seat – Dallas
Built – 1892 (old Red)
Architect – Orlopp & Kusener
Style – Romanesque Revival
the new, modern courthouse was built in 1966.

Photos taken – May 15, 2005

Clem’s niece – Kimbie, was graduating from UT-Arlington, so we took a long weekend to attend. We stayed at the Trader Village RV Park, which is located right in the middle of the DFW Metroplex area. Good location – and the flea market is fun. While in the area, we decided to do courthouses in this part of the state. Dallas has one of the old courthouses that is often used as the face of historical courthouses in Texas.

The old Dallas Courthouse (referred to as Big Red) is a large, massive and impressive building. Romanesque in style, it was once crowned by a spectacular tower – but the tower was torn down about 20 years after being built because of structural weakness. It’s still topped by some of the most detailed gargoyle’s you’ll find anywhere. The courthouse is being remodeled – by private funds – so the going is done in fits and starts. We were informed that there is an intention to rebuild the original tower. Be interesting to see – if it’s done in my life time. The building gives off a castle-feel with turrets and massiveness.

The new courthouse is a very large and modern building that doesn’t stand out, but it isn’t bad stylistically either. There were other courthouse buildings in the area with a red-bricked court building that seems to have come from the 20’s or 30’s.

Also included some pictures of the JFK Memorial and the Missouri, Kansas, Texas Railroad Building.

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