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Black Rock LCRA Park

I included these photos as much to share the depth of the drought in Texas as the beauty of Black Rock Park.  Black Rock is an LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) Park and sits on Lake Buchanon.  Lake Buchanon is about 20 – 30% full – just look at the pictures.  The lake, when full – comes right up to the park and to the cabins.  Look at the rock pier – usually surrounded by water.  If you look closely you’ll see a car about 1/4 of mile from the boat ramp.  there are a few pictures showing cars that have driven down to the ‘lakeside’.  It will rain again, and this park will green up and be lakeside again – so don’t let these photos keep you from Black Rock.  it really is a nice park sitting in a very picturesque part of Texas.  Between Burnet and Llano, there’s lots of granite and hills and wineries, etc.  Try it sometime, maybe after it rains.

see Llano

see Burnet

see Wineries

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