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Comal County Courthouse – Restored

see Comal County Courthouse

see New Braunfels town Square


We took an opportunity this past week, to revisit Comal County courthouse.  The courthouse has been restored and rededicated in January.  When we first visited the courthouse – it was on a weekend and it was closed – so this was an opportunity to both see the restoration and see the interior.  The interior is very typical of the Romanesque style with the heavy iron staircase right up the middle.  And the tile work – from the porch to flooring on each level – it was very impressive.  Also impressive was the courthouse.  You know, though, that if you look at the courtrooms from this period –  many of them look very similar – with the recessed drops for the judges’ bench and the curved balcony.  One nice touch, as you go through the old courthouse – they have pictures around that show how it looked many years ago – including some actual photos of trials in the courtroom.  The. courtroom is now used by the Commissioner’s Court.  This courthouse sits on a corner instead of a square – as is the case with most Romanesque courthouses, so it probably doesn’t have that dominant and overpowering feeling you get from some of the other massive examples of Romanesque.  The town square is across the street – and is very well preserved and very light.  All around the square and then down the main street are many examples of early 20th century business development.

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