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Bosque County Courthouse

Location  – Meridian
Built – 1886, altered 1935, restored 2007
Architect – J J Kane
Style – Romanesque Revival
Photos Taken – June 20, 2014

This was the first stop on our recent trip to Bosque County.  That’s pronounced BOS Key.  When we do our Amtrack Rails and Trails presentation from San Antonio to Fort Worth, one of the points of interest in this area is the county seat – Meridian.  The area is also, believe it or not, an important site for early Norwegian immigration.  It is so important and well know in Norway that King Olaf made a journey to the area when he visited in the 1980’s.

The courthouse was a pleasant surprise – one I’ve come across on a few other occasions, in that it had been restored.  I knew from my handy ‘expert’ book by Kelsey & Dyal, the courthouse had been terribly updated in the 30’s.  The tower and other roof features had been removed and it was a shell of its’ former glory.  The restoration is stunning.  The clock tower reconstruction is worth the price of admission!  An interesting note:  there’s a picture of a safe door that was keep in place during restoration that now serves as the door into the men’s restroom in the basement.  And driving into town from Waco!  Wow what a view of the roof and all of the amazing reconstructed roof and tower.

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