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LaSalle County – Renovated

see – LaSalle County

We had visited this courthouse some years ago (2006) and were intrigued by the art deco design.  I have to say, of all the courthouses we’ve visited to date, this is, along with Cooke County, probably the most ornate and colorful of the art deco courthouses.  Of course, we’ve not been inside the Jefferson County Courthouse – but that’s left for another day.  I had heard that this gem had been restored, so we decided to take a road trip out to Cotulla (about 1 1/2 hours south of San Antonio).

This actually covered 2 points.  On our first visit, it was a weekend day and so, the courthouse was not opened.  We have sinced made a point of photographing the interiors, and, if possible, the district courtrooms.  so we saw the renovated courtroom  and were able to photo the interior.

This really is an art deco delight.  The use of colors – green and gold, and intricate deco designs, and the doors which are mirrored in the interior iron work – all play together to make a courthouse worth visiting.  The renovations cleaned up the brick and windows and doors, while turning the eagles from silver to gold, and brightening up the the terra cotta designs all over the building.

You will also notice a photo of Sherrif’s Officer Eddie Deleon – who was the courthouse door guard for the day.  He was sporting a replica of the Spurs 2014 Champtionship ring.

One Response to LaSalle County – Renovated

  1. Clem

    Enjoyed revisiting this courthouse again, as stated above, the first time we did not have a chance to see the inside.
    I love the Deco style of Architecture and just the details of this one are great. I liked the Medallions and the Eagle on the outside of the building.
    The people that work there were very friendly, the young lady, who i believe is the custodian, asked if we wanted to see the inside of the courtroom, she unlocked the
    room for for us to see it and also showed us the Holding Tank next to the courtroom.
    The officer at the entrance is a Spurs fan and i just happen to have mine on, I asked him if he wanted a photo of him with the ring, and of course he said yes.

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