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Shackelford County Courthouse

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What a great courthouse destination!!  The courthouse is so post card perfect.  Sitting on its own square.  Very well restored.  The town is very pleasant (there’s a nice period piece gas station across the road).  And it has 2 historic jails.  Don’t miss this one is you’re on the hunt for the top courthouses of Texas.  The courtroom is a ‘walk-through’ style.  And very authentic – with the spectators sitting on benches.  The ceiling in the courtroom is probably the best tin-pressed ceiling in the state.

2 Responses to Shackelford County Courthouse

  1. John "Mark" Perry

    My name is John Mark Perry and I was reading some historical articles on my great, great grandfather John Selman who was an outlaw and lawman back in the 1800’s. He worked with ex-Shackleford County sheriff John M. Larn back in 1877. Sadly, Mr. Larn was killed by vigilantes on June 24th, 1878. In 1880, John Selman was captured by Texas Ranger Joe McKidrict and taken to Shackleford County for trail. But Selman escaped and fled to Chihuahua, Mexico. Is the photos displayed here on your website the actual jail that my great, great grandfather John Selman would have been jailed in back in 1880?

    • Tom

      Sorry for not responding sooner. The quick answer to your question is – if your gggrandfather was in jail in 1880 in Shackleford County – he would have been incarcerated in the building with the plain front. It has been used for many different things over the years, and is connected with the artist – Robert Nails. The other courthouse is distinguished by a noticeable porch and was built in the 1920’s

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