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Coleman County Courthouse

County Seat – Coleman
Built – 1884, totally rebuilt into a modern style – 1952
Architect – 1884 – W W Dudley, 1952 – Wyatt Hedrick
Style – original was 2nd Empire, now Modern
Date Photographed – 2-20-15

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Well, I knew already – this is a very old courthouse that exudes 1950’s.  It was built in 1884 and is the only courthouse Coleman County has ever had.  And then, in 1952, for some unfathomable reason, it was turned into the perfect 1950’s building – totally obliterating everything and anything that could have hinted at its notable history and style.  What a shame – a 1880’s beauty gone forever.  There are 2 old jails still standing.  One still being used for its original purpose and the other, much older, actually having been built in another community and then torn down and reconstructed in Coleman brick by brick!

I will say, despite losing all its Victorian character, for a 1950’s soulless pile of brick and steel, it is photogenic – especially against the blue Texas sky

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